PayPal is now the most popular way of using non-credit card based payment for online transactions. Be it for purchases or payment for personal services, PayPal has been one steady and reliable way of money transfers that is easy and almost hassle free.

PayPal creates an online vault that is associated with your account. PayPal transactions are considered safe and secure. This is made possible through the consistent support and infrastructure they have put in place in facilitating your credit/debit cards. PayPal transactions are well kept by various security checks too.


No Fees Involved

The best thing about PayPal is that no fees are involved in signing up for the services.  You can access your account anywhere you are and at any point of time. You can do this regardless if you are using a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop.

Another good thing with PayPal is that, it is not location based. Meaning, you can do online transaction wherever you may be in the world.



In setting up your account, simply click on the link that mentions sign up. Just follow the process and answer the required questions from start to finish. When you log in, you have higher chances of being helped and attended to faster. Still, initiating to contact PayPal customer service without logging in is still possible. With or without accounts, the customer service representatives are going to help you.


 Solutions Provider

The company is an online solution provider for payment needs. One can receive or send money with just a click of submit or send button. The main role of PayPal is to put altogether both consumers and sellers in its platform. The company has branched out to many other services not just payments. You can inquire about more of these through the helpline number.

PaypalCalling 0800 358 7911 from any U.K landline or mobile phones will not incur any charges. You will go through an automated service for you to choose specific options to get connected the right customer service representative. PayPal acts as an intermediary in doing payment transfers. Many eBay users are happy in linking their accounts with PayPal as a payment option.


Things to Do

You can inquire about your account balance, create transfers of payment, transact online, and verify transaction history through the customer service helpline. They are open to take in calls all days of the week starting from 830 AM. They close the lines at 1130 PM. Keep in mind that you may be charged the standard call rate of 5p/minute. Your telco will add their access charge as well. Better ask how much you will incur before making that phone call.

Most of the calls being managed in the customer service helpline are regarding payment inquiries. Many have observed that there is quite a waiting time before you get hold of a PayPal associate. Don’t worry, the associate will make sure that your questions will be answered to the best of their abilities, and as quickly as possibly can.