PayPal has become the online money keeper of choice be it for online purchases and transactions or even sending personal payment for rents or services. PayPal has grown to be a steady and reliable means of transferring money regardless of location.

uk_merchant-laptop_1xTo contact PayPal, there are many options. First of which is through a phone call. Start by logging into your account. Navigate the Account Summary page, the most likely default page, to find the Contact Page.

By logging in, you have better chances of getting help faster. Yet, contacting PayPal by phone without logging in is still possible. It is also possible for those without existing accounts.

Contact Page

Once you are in the Contact Page, scroll down and look for the link, which says Contact found at the bottom. Clicking the link will bring you to the Help Center area. Note that the Contact link can be found in any page or tags of PayPal, so you don’t have to be in a specific page only.

Once at the bottom, click on the Call Us option. Doing so will redirect you to the phone inquiry instruction page. If are not yet logged in, you will be prompted to do so. You can do that or choose Contact Us as a Guest instead. If you do the latter, click on Help Center as a Guest.



You will be able to obtain a passcode. Take note that this is for one-time use only. Write it down or paste it in a notepad if you like. It is a personalized passcode for that session. As it is unique, it is also temporary. The passcode expires in 60 minutes. Should it happen that you encounter difficulty in contacting PayPal within the timeframe, you will have to start all over to obtain a different passcode.

The passcode hastens the contact process for you to get the answers you need or resolve your issue right away. If you opted on contacting PayPal as a guest, you will not be getting the passcode.

Calling PayPal

Payment - PayPalAt this point, you may dial the PayPal Help Center at 1-888-221-1161. Once prompted, enter the one-time passcode then continue through the remaining phone prompts. You may either be redirected to an operator or to an appropriate canned answer.

Callers from outside the United States, dial 1-402-935-2050.

The hours to call may change during certain holidays. Recommended windows to call from Monday through Friday would be between 4:00 AM and 10:00 PM (Pacific Time). On Saturdays or Sundays, placing your call between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM (Pacific Time) is better.

Email Us

If you prefer to email PayPal instead, log into PayPal first. Similar to phoning PayPal, you can initiate email contact as a guest also. Use the Contact PayPal by E-Mail Without Using a Login option. This can become an alternative if you still don’t want an account or are having difficulties logging in.

Look for the Contact link found at the bottom to be redirected to the Help Center. Click Email Us this time. A website contact form will emerge for you to fill out.

Two drop-down menus will become present thereafter. The next steps are choosing a topic and a sub-topic. Select a primary topic from Choose A Topic box then a secondary one afterwards. The sub-topics will vary from topic to topic. It will also be clickable only after the primary topic has been selected.

Below are the most usual topics:

Bank Account/Credit Card

PayPal Credit

Business Solutions


My AccountNegative Balance/Limitationswe-accept-paypal

Paypal Debit Card

Product and Features

Report Fraud/Prohibit Use

Sending/Receiving Money

Refund/Cancel a Payment

Privacy Policy